I am an artist and designer with many passions in life. I am consistently inspired to explore time and place. I dig deep into my inspirations, and weave their stories into my work. I love the juxtaposition of clean design with the freedom bursting at the seams of hand drawn and painted artwork. I am fascinated by biology, the inner and outer workings, the colors, textures and shapes of the micro and macro worlds; and they are constantly influencing my approach to art and design. My desire is that my work both speaks to the whimsy and diversity of life and brings joy to others. I recently spent three years farming in the vast and beautiful Sonoran Desert, outside Tucson, Arizona and sixty miles north of the Mexican boarder. In this place I forged a deeper connection with the natural world and discovered a new-found appreciation for the beauty and importance of cultural diversity. Both of these experiences greatly affected my art and design during this time. While farming I continued producing art and working as a freelance designer. I am a hard worker with a bright outlook on life. I thoroughly enjoy working with people, be it in a team or with a client. When I am working on a project, I enjoy diving in and working to a deadline.

My husband and I recently returned from seven months travelling around South America. We decided we were at a perfect point in our lives to see new parts of the world, learn new languages and engage in new cultures. We have split our time between volunteering on small farms and visiting family connections. For me, it has been an important journey towards discovering more of my family history and connecting with my Latin American roots. It has been an invaluable experience in culture and inspiration and shining light into new corners of myself. While travelling I have continued freelance work and am also painting, drawing, weaving, writing, collecting and cataloging experience and inspiration for my own art and design. Working as an artist and freelance designer while travelling was an especially unique and enriching experience as it both broadened my cultural and aesthetic horizons while strengthening my communication and multitasking skills.

I am excited to continue to grow as an artist and designer while pursuing a career in textiles.