Common Herbs

This print, originally created as a commissioned work for a friends Philadelphia based herbal company takes on new life as a repeat design. Common Herbs contains illustrations of plant parts commonly used by herbalists for their medicinal properties.


Pitaya, commonly referred to in English as Dragon Fruit is a tropical fruit that grows on cacti and are originally native to Mexico. The original artwork for these prints was created by painting pages in a sketchbook with the flesh of the Pitaya roja or Red Dragon Fruit. Simple line illustrations were then created on top of the painted page and further manipulated in Photoshop.


A nazar is a blue bead shaped like an eye and is said to protect one from the evil eye. My Turkish in-laws said that when a nazar breaks it is used up because it has absorbed the negative energy intended for you and spared you a misfortune. The prints were also inspired by Turkish tile motifs and our families, both Turkish and American, passion for pomegranates.